Žarko Šunderić

Žarko Šunderić has valuable experience in the development of the European-model of social inclusion policies in Serbia. Throughout of his extensive work experience, he was responsible for drafting and implementation of many important strategic initiatives at the national level. He graduated from the Faculty of Media and Communication and further upgraded his knowledge and skills at one-year studies at the Belgrade Open School. He completed his master studies at the Faculty of Economics, Finance and Administration. Mr. Šunderić worked in the non-governmental organization Civic Initiatives, in the program for development of democracy and in the American organization CHF International in the implementation of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) program in Serbia.

In addition, he oversaw monitoring and implementation of programs in the frame of the Poverty Reduction Strategy and became the Head of the Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Team in the Government of Serbia. Žarko Šunderić is the author of the book The Role of Institutions in Creating Social Cohesion, published in 2015 by the Faculty of Economics, Finance and Administration in Belgrade. He is the director of the Center for Social Policy since January 2016.

“As a member of the MAP’s Steering Committee, I bring my extensive knowledge and work experience in hope to encourage the growth and development of the organization. Programs offered by MAP could be classified among the most innovative inclusion programs which, in a very concrete manner, engage children, their families, the society and the institutions. These open programs, with minor adjustments, can serve different needs of the society. MAP activities through El Sistema programs represent social innovation at work.”