Types of support


Your time and dedication are the most precious things you can give.

Corporate partnerships

The support of large organizations to those who are small is extremely important, because with your help, music can reach everyone’s heart.

Joint event organization

Let’s make the Music of Hope play louder! By hosting our music ensembles at your events and activities, together we spread positive messages and values, as well as a sense of community – through music. Contact us, and let’s think about your idea together!

Instrument Donation

Let your old instrument get a new sound and play again in the hands of the new owner. In the absence of musical instruments, some of our students already play on recycled instruments made of plastic or paper. With us, even a bucket can become a drum! Imagine what wonderful music can come out of some forgotten instrument.

Donation in goods or services

In addition to musical instruments and school supplies, we often need a healthy snack, some desktop computer, and some of your skills or talent – many of our posters, brochures, as well as this site were created by our friends with a big heart. 

One-time or monthly donation

No matter how small or large, EACH donation awakens new hope in every student and member of the “Music of Hope” team.