Trainings for Teachers

“While we teach, we learn” – Seneca

We are very proud of our El Sistema teachers who are devoted to develop their teaching skills and in that way help their students to achieve greater results.

Music Art Project through the El Sistema program is giving teachers opportunities to develop their skills through seminars, symposia and conferences with eminent artists and El Sistema ambassadors from all around the world. These professional gatherings are being held throughout the whole year, so that teachers can always keep their methodologies fresh and up to date. By being a part in these seminars and gatherings, teachers are not just developing their teaching skills – they are also making new contacts with teachers from all over the world, which motivates them to achieve even better results.

Professional development of teachers is a key value that makes the El Sistema program successful

Teachers of El Sistema are taking big responsibilities through lots of tasks and roles, building a unique personal and professional relationship with their students, based on mutual love and respect. Through CATS teaching model (Citizen/Artist/Teacher/Scholar) by taking up the roles of good citizens, artists, teachers and professionals, teachers inspire holistic development of their students as young musicians, future teachers, and responsible people who are giving their contribution to society. That is why becoming an El Sistema music teacher is seen as a great professional and personal accomplishment.

Be a part of our teaching team

You are aware of your responsibility as a music teacher and influence that you can have on the lives of young people you teach? You want to develop your skills and connect with leading world artists, teachers, and colleagues from Serbia? Follow us on social media and contact us at: in order to be informed about our current seminars, professional gatherings and conferences.

Our accomplishments

Music Art Project has, so far, through training with eminent international professors and artists, educated more than 500 music teachers of music through accredited professional development meetings. Since 2014. seminars has been led by 15 national and 19 international professionals.