In the frame of the program Civil Society Facility 2018 funded by the European Union, NGO Praxis in partnership with the Music Art Project (MAP) implement the two-year project “Tomorrow Starts Today”.

Within the project, in addition to working on strengthening the capacity of local self-governments and civil society stakeholders, we tackle the roots of social exclusion and marginalization through work with children from socially vulnerable families, Roma children, internally displaced, with disabilities and other disadvantaged children.

Music is invaluable for the intellectual and emotional development of children in various stages of growing up, while group music-making in a choir, ensemble or orchestra is particularly beneficial for the development of social skills, transferable competences, universal values and human qualities.

The goal of MAP’s project activities is to tackle the problem of prejudice and discrimination at an early age through specially tailored packages of group activities based on innovative El Sistema approach in work with children and training of music teachers, aiming to build stronger, more inclusive and proactive communities that take care of each their member.

So far, MAP included in the project some 250 children and 12 teachers from 5 cities and partner institutions:

Elementary school “Branko Pesic”, Zemun/ Belgrade
Elementary school “Dimitrije Tucovic”, Kraljevo
Elementary school “Vožd Karađorđe”, Leskovac
Cultural Centre “Surdulica”, Surdulica
Music school “Bujanovac” and
Elementary school “Branko Radičević”, Bujanovac

Our musical activities are tailored to children’s age and potential. They take place in groups of about 15 students, with respect of epidemiological measures. Each center includes between 30-70 children in regular and extracurricular activities through the project.

We believe that, with involvement of families and communities, children’s enthusiasm and the support of the general public, we will create a more open, tolerant and sound environment that respects and nurtures diversity, supporting the most vulnerable to strengthen their voice. Visit us in one of the centers or contact us to find out more about the activities within the project “Tomorrow Starts Today”.