Thank you for being a part of hope!

Thanks to your donation, children facing poverty got a chance to overcome the obstacles that hindered their education. Your support has given them the opportunity to get off the streets, develop their talents and abilities, and change their lives through music.

We hope you feel the warmth in your heart knowing what a difference you are making in children’s lives!

Please share the donation information for our program with three more friends.
This is how you become a member of the Friends Club “Music of Hope” – a community of donors and like-minded people who do good, build a circle of hope and connect in a special way.

With love,


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Puno poslovno ime udruženja je: Udruženje muzicke umetnosti, UMUS (Music Art Project – engleski naziv)

Sedište: Vračar, Beograd, ulica: Kumanovska br. 13

Odgovorno lice: Đurđa Papazoglu

PIB: 106569163

Matični Br: 28011776

Tekući račun: 160-0054000002626-76

Kontakt telefon:+381 (0)65 205 1817

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