Programs Music of Hope

Every child needs to find their own voice or the ideal instrument to help them express in an authentic way who they are, what they think and feel. We thus build stable young personalities who carry great potential for creating a harmonious world, relying on their qualities and on each other.


Music Through Movement

Continued learning and quality motivation are important for progress in music, especially when we are beginners. Before choosing a musical instrument, we need to get acquainted with the most important and most beautiful one – our voice and body. Music through movement is a mandatory part of every program, where twice a week all our students have the opportunity to learn about basic musical concepts, notes, different music genres and their origin through work at an age-appropriate and diverse repertoire in a fun, creative and engaged way. When we work on the development of our voice, we work on freedom of expression and self-confidence; becoming aware of rhythm through body percussion, we enhance coordination and develop physical intelligence, which is an extremely useful and important preparation for playing any instrument and becoming confident to stand up in front of others.

A Voice For Us

After the “Music through movement”, for those who have chosen the voice as their favorite instrument, the program “Voice for us” naturally follows. After mastering the basics, through choir classes and the ability to listen, teamwork and getting aware of your own body as a resonant box, we work on breathing techniques, proper posture and position of the head and jaw, but above all have fun raising children’s awareness that every voice, as subtle as it may sound at first, can echo far away. In addition, frequent performances teach us how our voice can contribute to creating a symphony – a better future for all.

The Rhythm Of Life

Rhythm first emerged in music. We all naturally carry it within us. Our heart is our personal tam-tam playing in the rhythm of our feelings. The participants of this program are extremely motivated by the possibility to make faster progress, the cheerful and noisy atmosphere, the intensity of work and physical engagement in the classes of percussion ensembles of different levels, which take place twice a week. Through various percussion instruments, we learn that sound can be created in many ways, as well as that every tone and rattle has a well-deserved place in creating a “symphony of life and harmony”.

Heart Strings

The “royal” family of string instruments welcomes our most sensitive, but also the most patient and persistent students with open arms. The violin, or the “queen of the heart”, is an instrument that requires a lot of attention and dedication, but equally gives the one who masters it the opportunity to touch the heart of every listener. Besides individual lessons of string instruments, this program also includes a string ensemble / orchestra. Just as no ruler can rule alone, so our “royal” string family thrives best through peer support, stimulating group work and musical dialogue. In our classes, we are especially dedicated to the development of emotional intelligence, mastering and channeling our feelings and moods so that we can better weave them into the music we create and the life we live.

Breath of Change

We can say that besides the flute, the trumpet is our most important national instrument, right? Our programs are especially dedicated to nurturing tradition and raising the playing skills of our talented and often self-taught students playing brass and other wind instruments to the highest possible level. The program “Breath of Change” includes classes of various wind instruments and rehearsals of mixed wind ensembles. Through this program, students of different playing levels, with the support of older and more experienced peers, national and foreign mentors, learn the more advanced playing techniques and a diverse repertoire that includes traditional music of different ethnic groups of our country and classical symphony and opera repertoire.

Music of Friendship

In addition to standard string and brass bands, our centers often bring together non-standard or mixed ensembles composed of enthusiastic young instrumentalists who meet at least twice a week and develop their musical talent and team spirit within their diverse musical family. The leaders of our non-standard ensembles adapt the diverse and attractive repertoire consisting of well-known classical works, the most beautiful traditional music, but also our favorite film and pop songs, to different performance levels and extremely diverse instruments. We often combine ensembles with the choir at regular local performances, so each performance is an invaluable and inspiring musical experience for our participants.

Young Hopes

All our programs pay special attention to the values and skills that can enable a more fulfilling and more stable future to our students, better interpersonal relationships and form the basis for their further personal and professional advancement. Every student showing exceptional progress in social and musical skills during our regular classes gets the opportunity to further improve them through guidance within the “Young Hopes” program. Participants of this program become positive role model to their younger mates from the center and beyond, not only as musicians, but also as persons, good colleagues, friends and leaders of the sections of the National Symphony Orchestra “Music of Hope”. In addition to nurturing and developing leadership through peer support, participants in the “Young Hopes” program have the opportunity for free professional development through specialized master classes and seminars, as well as international guest appearances at internship orchestral camps