Our story

Music Art Project, in partnership with the famous El Sistema movement, has been working since 2014 towards the goal of social inclusion and development of children through music. The innovative program of group music learning in children’s and youth orchestras and choirs “Music of Hope” provides children with creative and structured time off the streets, saving many from social marginalization and crime. Children can explore their potentials through rich music experience in a safe and inspiring environment, getting the opportunity to learn from each other and develops holistically through classes with specially trained El Sistema teachers.

The goal of the innovative El Sistema model of music teaching is to develop and improve children’s values, traits and competencies that will help build a better society of tomorrow. Founded by a visionary, musician and economy PhD Jose Antonio Abreu in 1975 in Venezuela, El Sistema based its work on the joy of group music-making to empower children and youth from different cultural backgrounds, enable them to connect, be understood and accepted within in their communities, which El Sistema programs strive to transform for the better.

The success of this revolutionary approach, which UNESCO has declared the best socially inclusive program in the world, has inspired many.  Hundreds of Sistema-inspired programs touch and improve the lives of over 4 million children in over 60 countries around the world. Among the founders and ambassadors of programs inspired by the El Sistema movement are: Yo-Yo Ma, Claudio Abado, Francisco Pacho Flores, Gerald Wirth, Gustavo Dudamel, Nicola Benedetti and many others.

Sense of personal value, belonging, self-efficacy and hope are the most precious assets that  the “Music of Hope” gives to its students, providing to children’s inner-self a space for growth and motivation that pulls them ahead, towards ever higher goals. Orchestras and choirs of hope represent the perfect model of an inclusive community based on mutual respect, togetherness, collaboration and tolerance, raising generations of creative leaders who rely on their abilities and on each other.