MAP Center is a place where values and goals of the “Music of Hope” program are nurtured and achieved – a safe haven, a place of fun, joy and socializing, where students receive support to explore and realize their potential and where they feel as valuable members of the community. A productive and motivating environment, created in the centers by teachers, students, parents, volunteers and the wider community, is key for children’s progress and program success.

With the support of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, our centers were founded in collaboration with elementary and music schools, centers for social work, cultural centers and local government units. The centers operating in primary and music schools implement the program independently, adapting it to their curricula and activities, with the strong support of the MAP team, which they rely on in terms of implementation, resources, development and supervision of programs and projects.

Our Centres

Center for Social Work, Novi Sad

Music school “Isidor Bajić”, Novi Sad 

Elementary school “Branko Pesic”, Belgrade

Music school “Stankovic”, Belgrade

Music school “Dr. Vojislav Vuckovic “, Belgrade

Elementary school “Dimitrije Tucovic”, Kraljevo

Elementary school “Vožd Karađorđe”, Leskovac

Cultural center “Surdulica”, Surdulica

Music School “Bujanovac”, Bujanovac

Elementary school “Branko Radičević”, Bujanovac