Master Classes

The goal of El Sistema is to give young students an opportunity to discover and develop not only their potential as musicians but as well as valuable members of their community. Through master classes and workshops held by the eminent artists and professors from all around the world, the most active and hardworking El Sistema students get the opportunity to become members of the national and international orchestras, and inspirational role models in their community.

The methodology of work in master classes and workshops is very innovative, dynamic and interactive. Equal focus is given to the individual, group, and chamber playing music as an approach to fully develop as a musician. El Sistema integrates different and innovative approaches thanks to close work with artists from all around the world and appreciating different approaches to teaching.

Music Art Project had a lot of emminent artists helping our students develop their music skills, and some of them are: Marijana Miljanović (Serbia), Francisco Pacho Flores (Venezuela), Jesus „Pinguino” Gonzalez (Venezuela), Gerardo Estrada (Venezuela), Sergio Domingo (Spain), Raul Lubo (Venezuela), Bruno Campo (Guatemala), Luis Gonzalez (Spain), Tibor Kerekeš (Slovenia), Roberto Caterini (Italy), Ilir Kodima (Albania), Mario Šincek (Croatia), Sergiu Carstea (Romania), Roustem Saitkoulov (Russia).

To get more information about the future master classes and workshops and how you can participate be sure to follow our internet page, social media channels ( FB and Instagram)  or contact our Music Art Project headquarters in Belgrade.