Jose Angel Salazar Marin is a prominent young conductor who, despite being only 23 years old, already has valuable experience in diverse orchestral repertoire. Educated within the El Sistema program, Jose Angel began his career in native Venezuela as a violinist and continued as a guest and chief conductor of various ensembles and orchestras. He has delivered conducting master classes in Austria, Italy and Sweden and is currently artistic director in the partner organization El Sistema Greece, conducting its Youth Orchestra. They perform in the most prestigious concert halls and festivals across the country.

Advocating for music education as a vehicle for social transformation and artistic development, Jose Angel served as music director of the Nuevo Espart Youth Symphony Orchestra from 2012 to 2016, working diligently on community engagement and artistic leadership. He also supported El Sistema programs in Sweden, Ecuador and St. Lucia. He is also currently engaged as an artistic advisor and arranger for various cooperative music projects, such as "Songs for Europe" and the Hilti Foundation Academy for Influence through Music (AIM).

With experience in pedagogy, special education, attention focusing, coaching, French horn and music education, Francis Gagliardi (Venezuela) is a teacher of music theory, music initiation and French horn. She is the designer and and program leader for Young Leaders in El Sistema Greece. Interested in sharing good practice and further advancing her teaching, Francis has also been a lecturer at the El Sistema Academy in Sweden, acts as a pedagogical advisor and teacher trainer for the Music-Art Project (El Sistema Serbia) and is part of the Firebird first team at the Academy for Influence through the Music (AIM) Hilti Foundation

Coming from a painters’ family, Manuel Perez Delgado joined another artistic branch - music. At the age of seven he enrolled the Royal Conservatory of Art "Arturo Soria", at the age of 11 he started joining the first music ensambles, becoming part of famous youth orchestras, such as the Esquel Orchestra of the Madrid Symphony Orchestra and the "European Youth" Orchestra. He has collaborated with many Spanish national orchestras, as well as international ones.

In 2011, he began his master's studies at the University of Stuttgart with professors Marta Klimasara, Jurgen Spitschka and Harald Lole, completing his training with highest grades. He also worked with renowned ensembles in the field of chamber music.

In 2013, together with Jurgen Spitschka, Jelena Stojković and Yudum Cetiner, he founded the quartet "Quatro per Due", working to expand multiculturalism across borders. He is continuously looking to associate teaching with the social component. Thus, in parallel with his work as a percussion teacher at the Real Conservatorio de Musica de Madrid, he collaborates with various social music projects, such as Neojiba (Salvador de Baia, Brazil) or the Don Bosco Orchestra (San Salvador, El Salvador).

Sergio Arrue Domingo completed his music studies with Professor Luis Gonzalez at the Musikene (Faculty of Music in the Basque Country). He continued his education with professors Uwe Kleindinst and Moritz Gorg at the University of Augsburg. He collaborates with institutions such as the Euskadi Symphony Orchestra, Camerata Freiburg and the Bavarian Police Orchestra.

Since 2015, he has been involved as a teacher in various social inclusion projects through music in countries such as Uganda, South Sudan, San Salvador, among others, which he combines with his pedagogical work as a musician and professor of trumpet.