Jelena Marjanović

Jelena Marjanović graduated economy at the University of Belgrade and began to collect her extensive knowledge and experience working in the Government of the former SFR Yugoslavia. During the period of political and economic challenges that the country faced at a point, she further enhanced her knowledge by dealing with humanitarian and socio-economic issues through UN-related activities and later on with development-related topics through projects supported by international donors. During this challenging period, Jelena became aware that it was necessary to support vulnerable and marginalized groups, especially the most sensitive one – children, as well as their inclusion in the society.

Towards the end of her professional career, Ms. Marjanovic served two mandates in the Government of the Republic of Serbia as Assistant Minister for bilateral economic cooperation. Being accustomed to challenges of new projects, she continues to invest her enthusiasm, knowledge, and efforts in the work of MAP, thus continuing to help all those who need assistance and support.

“I joined the MAP Steering Committee spontaneously, with a desire to contribute my knowledge to their efforts to provide children in Serbia with high-quality education and incredibly valuable experience of group music-making. I recollect how much this meant to me at that age. I firmly believe that the key to the progress of society lies in culture and education, which must be accessible to all children, especially those from marginalized groups. For me, MAP represents a hope in better tomorrow. I sincerely hope that the El Sistema program will soon become part of public education so that it can support young individuals to become valuable members for the benefit of our entire society. “