Dragana Roter

Dragana Roter is a long-standing professional in the field of public relations and a pioneer of corporate social responsibility (CSR) concept in Serbia. Her successful career started in the media and the Ministry of Information of the Republic of Serbia and continued in leading positions in McDonald’s Serbia, Komercijalna Banka Belgrade and Vip mobile. Ms. Roter is currently a consultant for several projects of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), various civil society organizations and companies in Serbia and in the region. She received an award for the PRO.PR Conference for Personal Contribution to Public Relations Development (PR) in Serbia for 2016, as well as the Charter of the Responsible Business Forum and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) for voluntary mentoring of social enterprises and the civil sector. With her teams, she won six annual awards of the Serbian Public Relations Association and two awards of the Association of Market Communications of Serbia (UEPS).

Dragana Roter makes a significant contribution to MAP’s efforts to create conditions for innovative use of music in social inclusion of children through the program of El Sistema in Serbia aiming to bridge the growing gaps in the society and help young people develop into new leaders who are needed today in all areas.

“I am happy to invest my long-term work experience in MAP’s growth by mentoring the activities of the team focused on public relations, social media, sponsorships, donations of other activities that enhance the visibility and reputation of the program. It is a great pleasure to work with colleagues from MAP’s executive team and the Steering Committee because we share the joy of learning from each other and creating success together.”