Dijana Opačić
Program coordinator & PR

Dijana Opačić completed her violin master’s studies at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana, and then continued her education for a year at the Faculty for Music and Dance in Prague. During her music education, she found herself primarily as an orchestral and chamber musician and was a member of numerous orchestras and ensembles in Serbia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Italy. She sees music as a universal language that every human being, on an intuitive level, understands and feels, and her personal mission is to make as many people as possible realize the beauty of communication through it.

Through her work in MAP, that mission gets its direction through work with children from vulnerable social groups as part of various programs and projects that she has been implementing as a coordinator and teacher of the Music of Hope since 2018. Cooperation with fellow artists and professors as part of the international El Sistema network, and work on professional development through constant innovation of the program in Serbia with the teaching team and mentors bring her special joy and privilege. She is the co-creator of the Music of Hope teaching programs and one of the authors and implementers of the accredited MAP seminars.