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8. October 2023.

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Budi i ti deo nade!

The solution we offer

We have recognized this pressing issue and are working to make a difference in the lives of children who face these challenges. Through the free group music learning program, MAP gives children the chance to find their voice and express themselves through music. These music lessons encourage social inclusion, giving children a sense of belonging and support.

The story of shiny children

Meet Aleksandar, Filip and Valentina Trajković, young talents who live in an informal settlement on the outskirts of Zemun.

Their story is one of resilience, strong spirit, and the determination to overcome difficulties. Their mother abandoned them a few years ago, leaving Valentina as the only female person in the family. Alexander and Philip help the father who suffers from diabetes. 

The Trajković family has no adequate housing solution and can be evicted from the house where they currently live at any moment. Poverty and constant moves have made it difficult for children to advance in school. 

Aleksandar, Filip and Valentina achieved great success in school and beyond thanks to the “Music of Hope” program. They joined the program in 2019 and are members of the program’s youth percussion ensemble and choir. At the same time they are an example of how art and education can change lives.

They need the support of the whole society to get out of the poverty circle. We have already achieved a lot with our donors, and together we can do even more. We invite you to join our donor campaign “Be Part of Hope”.

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Become a volunteer!

To actively contribute, join our team of volunteers. Let’s work on the change together. 

Education is key to change, successful social cohesion and is one of the basic human rights. Our children deserve the opportunity to live their dreams and be equal members of society. Let’s help them make the bright future a reality.

The play “Children”

Besides many personal achievements and concerts, children from the “Music of Hope” program participate in the play “Children” at the National Theater. This play, based on the award-winning verse novel by Milena Marković, provides not only a challenge, but also an opportunity for children to show their talent on the big stage. The choir numbers are performed by our “Choir of Hope”. This is a big success for the children from the “Music of Hope” program and for us as an organization.”Aleksandar and get into a quarrel and make up quickly. In less than an hour, we start laughing enjoying the music. The music had an effect on me. I was quiet and kept everything to myself, and now I know how to open up.”, Valentina Trajković, percussionist of Music of Hope.

Support education, support the future!

Your support is key for these children to complete schooling and open the door to a different, promising future. Let’s come together to make the change we want to see and help them become part of the society in the way they deserve.