A series of masterclasses, lectures and concerts dedicated to the fantastic music of the French Baroque will be held in Belgrade in 2020. Thanks to the new program, the Baroque Atelier of Mariana Mijanović and MAP Serbia, young musicians, as well as the audience, will have an exceptional opportunity to get acquainted with the specifics of the style of this repertoire, as well as the socio-cultural circumstances from which it originated. The music of Charpentier, Mare, Lilly, and Ramo will come to life in Belgrade and will serve as a fertile ground for the exchange of knowledge and experiences between experts and young professional musicians.

This program also aims to bring the high ideals of this art closer to a wider audience, to awaken and raise awareness of the need for beauty, taste and harmony and thus contribute to the long-term development of the social community and culture in Serbia. Each masterclass, concert and opera performance will have customized content dedicated to this goal. This season, we will have the honor of collaborating with famous names from the world of baroque music, such as harpsichordists Jory Vinikour (USA / FRA) and Sophie Deinman (ENG), and under the artistic guidance of MAP’s longtime ambassador Mariana Mijanović.